Since 2007, G&I Belgium has worked towards sustainable organizational development pertaining to integrity for local governments, the financial sector, education and care.

With regard to local governments, we support and develop governmental organizations in the fusion of cities and OCMW’s by means of working towards one common deontological code and organizational culture, the construction and implementation of a long term plan for the integrity policy, as well as a creating support and social consensus to ensure sustainability. To this end, we have a partnerschip with the VVSG, in which we work towards awareness, organize training, as well as the construction of a deontological code for politicians and a web based integrity scan for governmental bodies.

Clients: Antwerp (city, OCMW, police, fire department and education), Ghent (city and OCMW), Ostend (OCMW), ea.

Our work in the financial sector started by a cooperation with Febelfin Acadamy, were we focus on integrity management for the financial sector, aimed at compliance officers and management. By means of training in moral judgment and risk culture analysis, we aim to strengthen and support the policies on integrity for the financial sector.

The educational program of G&I Belgium consists in developing the organizational structure of the education institutions in such a manner that a moral community can be created. Our focus lies on tools for teachers and students with regard to what it means to be an active citizen in a pluriform ideological educational landscape, as well as on the prevention of radicalisation.

Professionals who work within the sector of care often find themselves facing moral dilemma’s and have to deal with mounting moral stress in their daily work, but also when working together with police, the justice department and others. G&I Belgium helps professionals in dealing with these moral dilemma’s, and provides a method for structured dialogue with partners in a specific case.

Client: CO3 in Antwerp.


Alexander de Waele
tel: 09 298 06 62
e-mail: a.dewaele@gi-belgie.com


Bij sprake van een dringende integriteitskwestie ondersteunen we u graag met direct advies. Neem dan contact op met het secretariaat of contactpersoon.